Exhaust temperature sensor

HEATLE Exhaust temperature sensor

As the automotive industry begins to turn to the emergence of a new generation of technologies characterized by intelligent interconnection, autonomous driving, shared travel and electric drive, and at the same time, the increasingly stringent emission regulations have also nurtured new sensing technologies and applications. The birth of HEATLE is dedicated to creating leading new sensing technologies to realize the future needs and value of mankind.

Exhaust temperature sensor

Product features and advantages:

  • The thin-film platinum resistance temperature sensor is a mature technology for measuring the exhaust temperature in the exhaust system, and it is widely used in various standard emission applications around the world.
  • Use 310S high-temperature stainless steel material to ensure the excellent durability of the product in use, while optimizing the production process and supply chain to ensure that the product cost is optimized.
  • By reducing the diameter of the platinum resistance package and the high thermal conductivity filling material, a fast response speed is achieved, especially when the high temperature airflow is used, the response guarantee and high precision output.
  • Excellent linear output.
  • Multiple penetration depths, Can realize customer customization requirements.
  • The front end is straight or bent, and the bending angle is optional from 0 to 120°, which flexibly supports the layout of the post-processing system.

The function of exhaust temperature sensor PT200:

It is used to sense the various temperatures in the post-processing system and send them to the ECU. The ECU calculates according to the sensed exhaust temperature and makes corresponding control instructions to make the vehicle exhaust emissions meet the national emission standards.

Exhaust temperature sensor


The core component of the exhaust temperature sensor: platinum resistance PT200 HD420

H-High temperature range:-70°C to+850°C


Long-term stability, ensure ultra-high accuracy in an ultra-wide temperature range and And excellent compatibility are the main features of the H series platinum resistance temperature sensor. This type of sensor is particularly suitable for applications in high-energy-consuming industries (usually including white goods, HVAC and automobile manufacturing, and energy power generation), as well as applications in the medical, industrial electrical and mechanical industries.

Exhaust temperature sensor



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