Cartridge heater HSM3-A4

The cartridge heater element is currently the most widely used heater in industrial and civil applications. It has high power, high thermal efficiency, fast heat dissipation, etc., and can be used for battery insulation of new energy vehicles, plastic packaging, mold heating, medical treatment, analytical instruments, glass bending, barbecue stoves, 3D printing, and cooling when various gases are expanded. Effects and other heating applications. The single-ended heating element we produce can be produced with any diameter from Φ2.0mm to Φ38mm.

Our advantages: 1. Better heat conduction, better thermal efficiency balance.
                             2. Better service and more standard automated production.
                             3. In order to better satisfy the automotive supply chain, we have passed the IATF16949 system certification.
                             4. Enterprises connected to the network by the Ministry of Railways.


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