750mini bottle embryo heating tube

The most widely used heating method for hot runner nozzles. As the first batch of companies in the world to research and develop this product, our company successfully developed this product in 2002. After continuous innovation and improvement, we have produced more excellent products: special mini-locking shaft heating ring for preform mold and special preform. Mini sleeve locking heating ring, fully enclosed heating ring, attached sleeve heating ring, copper sleeve embedded heating strip. In 2013, the leading industry successfully developed a unique internal sealing process for joints and successfully applied for relevant national patents, making the company a leader in the industry in terms of product performance.

Our advantages: 1. Fast service, standardized production and stable quality.
                             2. The sealing patent solves the unavoidable long-term inventory insulation drop and insufficient withstand voltage in the industry.
                             3. In order to better satisfy the automotive supply chain, we have passed the IATF16949 system certification.


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