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Similarities and differences of three kinds of air duct heater used most

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The three most commonly used air duct heaters in industrial production are: high temperature heating, medium temperature heating and low temperature heating, which are mainly used for heating through the air in the air duct; These three heating methods are similar, but also different.


In the three ways, steel plate is used to support the electric heating pipe to reduce the vibration of the electric heating pipe when the fan stops. The over temperature control device is also installed in the junction box.


In terms of control, in addition to over temperature protection, a combined transport device is also installed between the fan and the heater to ensure that the electric heater must be equipped with a differential pressure device before and after the start of the fan to prevent fan failure; The low-temperature type can be directly installed on the air duct, while the medium temperature type and high-temperature type are sandwiched with 100 mm thick thermal insulation material from the outer wall of the channel to the heater junction box, which mainly reduces the external heat dissipation of the whole channel and the temperature in the wiring chamber. The gas pressure heated by the channel heater should not exceed 0.3kg/cm2, Please use circulating electric heater; The highest gas heating temperature of low temperature heater is not more than 160 ℃; The temperature of medium temperature type is not more than 260 ℃; The high temperature type shall not exceed 500 ℃.

Application method:

Air duct type electric heater is used for industrial air duct, air conditioning duct and air of various industries. The temperature of output air is increased by heating the air. It is generally inserted in the transverse opening of air duct. According to the working temperature of air duct, it is divided into low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature; According to the wind speed in the duct, it can be divided into low wind speed, medium wind speed and high wind speed. Therefore, buyers should choose to buy according to their own actual situation.

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