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Welding technology of air duct electric heater

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The electric blister has two parts, the main body and the control system, which are composed of sanitary components. They are made of stainless steel housing, high-temperature alloy wire, and magnesium alloy powder, which are formed by compression. The control part adopts advanced digital circuits, integrated circuits have the ability, high back pressure controllable, etc. to form a healthy temperature measurement and system to ensure the normal operation of electricity.

   is a typical step in the production of pipeline power connection system. The system is mainly composed of the connection between the pipeline and the pipeline, the pipeline and other pipelines, except for the bolt connection, the flange is welded to the pipe inlet, and then the two pipelines are connected through the pipeline connection. Because the pipeline contains hot oil, the temperature and pressure are relatively high. The quality of welding directly affects the quality of the entire system. At this moment, the welding process is a target step system in the design of heat transfer oil.

   Welding is a rapid heating and cooling process in the wind-type electric heating process. It cannot constrain the free expansion and contraction of the welding area like the prototype. Then, after cooling, it will cause heating and severe deformation in the weldment.


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