Heat thermocouple is a closed loop composed of two different metals. When there is a temperature difference between the two ends, a thermoelectric electromotive force (EMF) is generated in the circuit and a current is generated. The direction and size of the generated EMF are related to the material of the combined thermocouple with the temperature difference at both ends, but independent of the diameter and length of the thermocouple. The relationship between the EMF of a thermocouple and the temperature is known in advance. Can be used to measure temperature. Standard thermocouples include types B, R, s, N, K, e, J and T, all of which comply with IEC standards. W5re / w26re thermocouples are also produced. Users can select thermocouples that meet their own customized requirements from thermocouple products.

Our advantages: 1. Better heat conduction and better thermal efficiency balance.
                             2. Better service and more standard automatic production.
                             3. In order to better meet the automotive supply chain, we have passed the iatf16949 system certification.


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